VNU – School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS), formerly known as School of Graduate Studies (SGS) with the history of 15 year construction and development is the affiliated unit under Vietnam National University, Hanoi, with the functions and missions of training and researching interdisciplinary sciences in cooperation with the other VNU members.


  1. Organizing and implementing interdisciplinary training programs in cooperation with the member units of VNU
  2. Organizing international training programs in cooperation with foreign training institutions
  3. Organizing short-term training courses, consultancy and other services


Master Program in Sustainability Science

Master Program in Climate Change

Master Program in  Applied Climate Change

Master Program in Urban Development Management

Master Program in Heritage Science



SIS has a network of more than 300 international and national experts who are not only professional but also very skilled in their research fields.


The policy of SIS is to build a modern advanced training environment, use the keyword “interdisciplinary” in all activities and focus resources on making a difference.


SIS has strengthened the cooperation with the domestic and oversea institutions and organizations to develop its training programs and searching projects


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Nearly 1000 learners all over provinces, cities in Vietnam have graduated from SIS

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Why Choose SIS?

Studying with leading experts in interdisciplinary fields

When studying at SIS, learners will have a chance of working and doing research with the leading experts in interdisciplinary fields inside and outside VNU. Apart from delivering lectures, these experts are willing to supervise learners’ research and share research opportunities on the national and regional scales.

Entering these master programs without supplementary learning and conversing examination

Candidates in all majors can be admitted into the master programs conducted by SIS. Thus, candidates don’t have to worry about whether their majors are close to the master programs in SIS or not because the admission requirements are quite open.

Tuition fees

SIS is a public educational institution in Vietnam. Thus, the master programs are supported financially by the government of Vietnam.

Clear environment

The teaching staffs and office workers of SIS are willing to welcome you (learners) and encourage you to study, do research and share your passion of studying and discovering new knowledge.

Flexible and suitable schedule

Learners will study in the credit accumulation form with scientifically arranged modules. The schedule of master programs in SIS is appropriately arranged, which helps learners make good use of time to focus on their study and complete the master program quickly.

Opportunities to take part in International forums

Learners will have a chance of joining research groups and an opportunity to take part in international forums with former learners of SGS and SIS.

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Farmers’ intention and decision to adapt to climate change: A case study in the Yom and Nan basins, Phichit province of Thailand

Adaptation at farm level is an effective measure to cope with global climate change. The study aims to clarify farmers’ intentions and decisions regarding global climate change adaptation. Logistic regression models were used to examine the influences of socioeconomic factors and climate adaptation communication processes on farmers’ decision to apply adaptation strategies against drought and […]

The class “Software Project and Quality Management” for the lecturers and gradudate students at Moratuwa University, Sri Lanka

In the morning of November 4th, 2019, VNU SIS is honored to welcome the delegation of the lecturers and graduate students from Moratuwa University, Sri Lanka to attend the class “Software project and Quality Management” held by VNU SIS in cooperation with TASS Co. Ltd. The class is run by Dr. Nguyen Duy Tai. Before […]


Interdisciplinary approach in science has been the indispensable and necessary trend in order to solve general issues in life.