MODE OF STUDY:                             Full time

DURATION:                                        2 years

DEGREE:                                             Master



Master Program in Heritage Studies at VNU SIS is a breakthrough in heritage training in Vietnam for the first time thanks to the interdisciplinary thinking and approach with modern tools, techniques and technologies.

Instead of the single-sector training in conservation, museums, restoration, etc. as at present, the program provides interdisciplinary knowledge based on the three pillars of knowledge of social science and humanity (history, culture, sociology, storage, …); natural science (geology, geography, environment, …); and architecture and construction in combination with integrated tools. In addition, the program also equips learners with highly practical career skills.

Through the program, learners will have the ability to identify, classify and solve practical problems in research, practice and management of heritages in order to satisfy the needs of conservation and promotion of the heritage values sustainably in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general.

 Training Target

Providing high quality human resources for heritage management at all levels with the capacity of identifying, organizing and participating in solving the heritage related problems in practice with interdisciplinary knowledge, thinking and approach in order to make a great contribution to preserving and promoting heritage values towards sustainable development.

Output Standard

Mastering the core knowledge of heritage, the disciplinary nature of heritage science  and the sustainability in promoting heritage values.

Mastering the methodologies and creatively using the methods, tools, techniques and technologies in determining heritage values.

Understanding and analyzing the policies on heritage at the international and national levels and assessing the situation of policy enforcement in heritage management and planning on the basis of the principle of sustainable development.

Flexibly applying the philosophy of sustainability in research, practice and management of the specific types of heritage in Vietnam

Identifying, analyzing and evaluating the heritage related problems in practice and proposing the solutions to the heritage problems from the position of managers or consultants


Total credits of program: 64 credits

  • General Knowledge Units (required): 7 credits
  • Basic and Professional Knowledge Units: 48 credits (Required + Optional)
  • Thesis: 9 credits


PHI 5001 Philosophy
ENG 5001 English Language for General Purpose


Required Units:  27 credits
HIS 6121 Introduction to heritage studies
SIS 6122 Identifying the types of heritage and evaluating their values in the modern context
MNS 6123 Policies on heritage and enforcement of these policies on heritage
CRE 6026 Sustainable development in the context of global change
PEC 6124 Heritage economics
HIS 6125 Archaeology with heritage
SIS 6126 Culture studies with heritage
GEO 6127 Landscape ecology with heritage environment
INT 6128 Digital technology applied in heritage management
Optional Units: 21 credits
MNS 6129 Identifying and compiling the scientific records of heritage
PEC 6130 cost –benefit analysis and heritage valuation
SIS 6131 World heritage and world heritage practice
SIS 6132 Museum, Heritage and Community
EVS 6133 Heritage management in the context of climate change
SOC 6134 Community-based Heritage management
JOU 6135 Heritage communications
TOU 6136 Heritage tourism and sustainable development
BIO 6137 Biodiversity and nature conservation in heritage areas
GLO 6138 Geo-morphology and geology of heritage
SIS 6139 Forms and features of historical cities in Vietnam
SIS 6140 Conservation – restoration of architectural heritage in Vietnam
SIS 6141 Conservation of urban heritage
SIS 6142 Village heritage space in Vietnam
SIS 6143 Art heritage in Vietnam and in the world
LIN 6144 Vietnam’s language and literary heritage
TOU 6145 Festival, belief and religion heritage in Vietnam
SIS 6146 Tools and methods of heritage management practice
SIS 6147 Interdisciplinary field research of heritage management
Thesis:   credits