Development Trend of Interdisciplinary Sciences

The activities in the natural and social world are having the tendency of intensifying linkage and cooperation toward a more whole value with the target of comprehensive and sustainable development.

The interdisciplinary approach in sciences has become an indispensable and necessary trend to solve general issues in the life.


School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS), known as School of Graduate Studies (SGS) with the history of 15 year construction and development is a unit directly under Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), with the functions of designing and conducting interdisciplinary programs and doing research in the relevant fields in cooperation with the other VNU members.

Visibility - Mission


Struggling to build SIS to become a prestigious and highly integrated unit of interdisciplinary studies


SIS is a main point institution of high quality training and researching for interdisciplinary programs; providing the services related to interdisciplinary knowledge transfer in order to make a great contribution to the construction and development of Vietnam.

Core Value


  • Interdiscipline
  • Cooperation
  • Development


  • Master the world with interdisciplinary knowledge


Developing SIS in accordance with the policies of Vietnam, the development strategies of VNU in the aspects of training, science and technology.

Developing SIS to become a unit with the orientation of training and researching interdisciplinary sciences  in cooperation with the other VNU members and attracting the shared resources of VNU.


1. Organizing and conducting interdisciplinary programs in collaboration with the member units of VNU;

2. Organizing international programs in cooperation with foreign institutions;

3. Organizing short training courses;

4. Providing consultancy and other services.


Intensifying Training

Conducting and promoting the activities of training and researching new, interdisciplinary sciences in order to meet the social demands and to enhance the impacts of VNU;

Increasing Linkage

Intensifying the cooperation and linkage with the units and organisations inside and outside VNU so as to develop the serving and serve activities related to the professionally assigned fields;

Setting Self-control Goal

Proposing the feasible and proper itinerary to conduct the activities and missions so that SIS can become a self control unit in VNU in 2020.